ERIN GO BRAUGH….ok, no way, it dont matter

March 25, 2010

Dude…… pattys day was too much fun! The nite was a blur and so was the next morning but it was soooo worth it!

I started the day off with school, but once 5 o’clock hit……i was at the bar!

Callahans had some traditional irish food such as corned beef mash and corned beef n cabbage, i had two plates of the stuff it was awesome…..or maybe the green beer was making me think that, cuz the next morning i was not enjoying it!.

Callahans had everything irish on special and i loved it! I mingled with some work and school friends then decided to head to the Blue Martin around 10pm. The martin was poppin, there was this midget at the bar dressed as a leprechaun and he was being paid to drink their and take pictures with the other patrons. He was a mess and so was i, one second hes humping my leg the next second im picking him up and taking pictures with this random midget…but it was a blast, i saw my boss wasted……haha

After the Blue Martin my friend megan n me head to styx for 80’s nite and beer, BEER, BEER!

Styx was packed shoulder to shoulder…..this is where the nite starts getting hazy

i remember meeting this random, dancing, n chugging beer………omg…this is my life

i leave with the random and we go to side traks to meet sum friends and of course drink more green beer!

traks was a mess…it wasnt busy at all, i was the mess all over this random and barely able to make it up stairs, we leave traks n decide to walk to pinch from the strip….y? i have no idea…like cabs arn’t available.

At pinch i remember walking in…..thats it

later that morning i wake in bed n realize that im in bed with a stranger……hahaha, but honestly my random rolls over n is sexy as hell… i thought, not bad

i run to class, i missed my first one, then head to work after school…….its at work where i found out how much of a mess i was the nite before.

I guess we left pinch and went back to callahans were i did the macarana and cha cha slide to the completely wrong music, i let girls do body shots off me, and i fell in front of everyone…..this is my life


Unofficial Trailer Trash….ok

March 2, 2010

So this weekend was a mess! a drunken mess. Last weekend was unofficial st pattys at siu carbondale. And it was awesome!

i started off friday with lunch at callahans with pitchers of green beer. i had to work at four so couldn’t get too swasted. Work went alright, then after i got off i threw on my green and hit up the town. I stuck to the grand ave. bar scene this year. My friend ellen n me went all out, green everything!

I save Irish Car Bombs for twice a year….unofficial and actual st pattys day…..why? because i cant remember shit the next morning.

i remember doing non stop bombs, grasshopper shots (mint green n sexy), and pitchers of hurricanes

Calis was krazy friday nite, all these girls kept fighting and swinging on each other……….is this cdale or chicago?

the nite went great… the next morning i wake up at 2pm to a phone call…jenny telling me to go the and check out the photos from last nite….i get on there and theres ellen n me on the cover of the link to get to the pics from the home page….haha i knew we were krazy

Lets cut to saturday…aka the trailer trash bash went awesome! My gurl threw an awesome party with kegs, vegas bombs, n jello shots!

i dressed as trashy as possible, n ellen wore a prego belly n walked around with a beer n cig all nite…..loved it

after too many keg stands n flippy cup, the kegs ran out


So we make our way to calis/c-hans and they will not let me n ellen in the bar

ellen: “excuse me sir…im irish, how r u gonna refuse me into the bar….clearly irish people need alcohol!”

so we went to the gay bar………the best idea we had yet.

the gays luved us and our krazy outfits, ps $1 beers n rails and $2 you call it’s… n my crew were in heaven… heaven

we disco danced all nite, n all eyes were on us. A great nite out with my friends!


February 18, 2010

FAT TUESDAY IVE HAD IT!  So this is my life……i can barely move and am in pain every time  i move my body. Thank you copper dragon and your slick stairs….and my intoxicated self.

I’m blaming it on Callahans and their $3 martini nites on tuesday. Bloodytinis and Sangrinitinis are where its at. The bloody mary one is my fav , cuz u get a fat olive and a slice of pepperoni which was my dinner, and the sangria one with its wine and peach  schnapps and high alcohol content… i had about five with a few coworkers, tipped the waitress a lil and rolled out to copper dragon to meet a few more people who said the show was poppin. For FAT TUESDAY, c-hanns wasnt as fun as i thought it would be, so the show seemed awesome.

Gave the bouncer a 5, flashed my id, and walked into copper….which had a decent crowd, First things first…walk to the board and check out the specials….$1.25 bud family drinks which was sweet. Grabbed a beer and a shot with the rest of my g-spot crew (garfields co-workers) and walked into the main venue where YOUR VILLAIN MY HERO was playing. The band was from Chicago and had a hot female blond singer. They were a cover band covering artists like lady gaga, snoop dogg, no doubt….party music basically.

The show was good, i watched a good part in the crowd downstairs, dancing with friends and waving our drinks

By the end of the show im upstairs doing shots of jack with a friend….talking about what were giving for lent

“I’m giving up sobriety!”

HAHA we finished the show downstairs and make our way downstairs…..i dont kno if the stairs were slick or if i was a lil too slick, because my feet fly out from underneath me and i bust my ass on the stairs, as i slip down four or five of them

“i did not sign up for the slip-n-slide!”

Cut to me the next morning (yesterday) waking up at 10:30 am like “damn! i had an eight o’clock! guess thats out.”

i go to get out of bed and scream, cuz my lower back is aching. i move to my lazy boy and do not move for the rest of the day, i waited at least a half hour to pee cuz i was too scared of the pain when getting out of the recliner.

today is a new day…im pissed at myself cuz i cannot work out and spring break is round the corner….at least i can tan jersey shore style.

The JUKE Life

February 9, 2010

letz dance

Hey there everybody, the names cole, all the sexies call me Coleo. And this is my first official blog post (the crowd cheers in the background).

What im trying to do with my blog is tell the world about what i like to do and where i like to go out….Ima party boy who is always out on the scene.

So i thought i could talk about upcoming events in carbondale…go to them….and then tell everyone how it went, and who i woke up with the next day. jk….but seriously between myself and my crazzzzy friends, their is always a fun story to tell, so some of my bloggs will be current, and some will be some wild stories about wats happend in the past (jukin)

oh yea before i continue….let me warn you about my lingo….i talk different compared to everyone, n i love it. ill say JUKE alot. and the whole story behind that is jukin is dirrty dancing. It started in chicago with juke parties, and the word juke itself was coined in the fifties when teens used to dance by the juke box….catchin the drift? but ived turned jukin into so much more.

i say juke for everything

ex “Cole, how was the party last nite?”

me: “Dude it was too Jukin!” (meaning too much fun)

dont worry eventually you’ll get

Carbondale has alot going on for it when it comes to nite life, which is what i love about this small town, it has a great music scene. With my major being Radio/Television with a focus on music production and radio, alot of the things going on in this town are rite up my alley.

so now that ive set up this blog let me tell u a lil about myself.

Im 21 (n luvin it), i love to dance, i love new friends, i love new lovers.

im from danville IL, my parents names are Barbie n Ken, and i moved to carbondale in Aug. 08 to start at southern illinois university.

signin off: COLEOOOOOOO!

Hello world!

February 9, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!